It is said that once we embrace our individual paths and find meaning is when we are able to heal and set ourselves free.

More times than necessary do we allow the troubles of our past to continue to hold us in bondage. Causing us to feel as though we are powerless. When at one time maybe we were, but not anymore, are we!

Everything you need in life, to live your best life, is already within you.



At Total Healing Counseling and Wellness Center, we are committed to providing affordable therapy to our clients in a safe environment during their most vulnerable times of need. We are advocates of those affected by stigma in the area of mental health challenges.

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Phone: 972-213-2549

Downtown: 1910 Pacific Ave suite 8036, Dallas, TX 75201

Garland: 1111 Beltline Rd suite 215, Garland, TX 75040