Anxiety, in some situations, is actually normal. Being anxious about something doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. All to often people diagnose themselves with anxiety and equate that to there being something wrong with them or that they aren’t normal. Anxiety can be treated and managed with the help of a therapy and for some medication.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

  • restlessness

  • excessive worry

  • avoiding situations or people

  • emotional distress

  • racing thoughts

  • difficulty sleeping

  • concentration issues

Often times when anxiety becomes a concern is when the symptoms above persist for longer periods of time and affect daily activities.

At Total Healing Counseling and Wellness Center we treat anxiety in a variety of ways such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and other practices such as journaling. We access the client’s needs and concerns and work from there.

Take the anxiety quiz by clicking here. Be sure to let the therapist know what you score and results were. The site you will be directed to is PsychCentral. You do not have to create an account if you do not already have one.