Anxiety, in some situations, is actually normal. Remember that anxiety is a response to a person, place, or event. It’s okay to allow those feelings and symptoms to be present. When you allow this to happen make sure you listen to your body and see if there are any areas of your life in particular you need to work on. Being anxious about something doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. All to often people diagnose themselves with anxiety and equate that to there being something wrong with them or that they aren’t normal. Anxiety can be treated and managed with the help of a professional therapist and for some medication may be necessary.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) here are some symptoms of anxiety:

  • Restlessness

    • Unable to either fall asleep or stay asleep during the night. Anxiety causes us to be anxious and unable to sit still in certain situations or places. Anxiety also causes us to feel as though something is crawling on our skin in some instances.

  • Excessive worry

    • Anxiety causes us to worry about things we have absolutely no control over. Or sometimes events that may never ever take place. Anxiety can rob your joy if you continue to worry or think of “worst cases” on a regular basis.

  • Avoiding situations or people

    • Anxiety can cause avoidance in which situations, people, or places may be triggering. Perhaps you were in a situation in the past and the outcome of the feelings were more than you can bear and now you are being approached with this “scene” again. Anxiety kicks in and tells you to avoid this so those feelings don’t come back.

  • Emotional distress

    • Anxiety can cause emotional distress whereas excessive worry not only causes you to think the worst but you also feel physical symptoms. Emotional distressed caused by anxiety can be overwhelming if not dealt with properly.

  • Racing thoughts

    • Anxiety does trigger racing thoughts, in which they are proven to be more predominantly negative thoughts, which also leads to depression.

The symptoms mentioned above could all be managed by properly treating them. But keep in mind each individual and event is unique so not all therapies or tools work for one single person. It’s okay to try different methods to manage and cope with your anxiety. Often times when anxiety becomes a concern is when the symptoms above persist for longer periods of time and affect daily life activities. Not treating or properly managing your anxiety can lead to depression and high levels of stress.

Anxiety comes in different types also, such as:

·       panic disorders

·       generalized anxiety

·       social anxiety

At Total Healing Counseling and Wellness Center, PLLC we treat anxiety in a methods specific to each client. Some methods include:

·       Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

o   Challenge negative thoughts, behaviors, and reactions

·       Breath Work

o   Practice deep breathing techniques while solely focusing on the breath

·       Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

o   If your anxiety is sever or trauma related EMDR would be recommended

·       Yoga Therapy

o   Yoga, like meditation, forces you to move slowly, breath, and go within. Yoga empowers interpersonal work

Some exercise that may be helpful in managing your anxiety on your own include:

·       Talking to a friend

·       Journaling

·       Meditation (I recommend Insight Timer)

·       Taking a walk

·       Listening to music

·       Picture a stop sign when having racing thoughts

·       Write down your thoughts and challenge them

·       Dig deep and ask question about why you are anxious in that moment

·       Talk positive to yourself

·       Think of good memories

·       Count frontwards to 10 or backwards from 10

·       Do a full body scan

Anxiety is something that can cause a struggle but it does not have to control your life. Anxiety can cause others to miss out on life long opportunities. If you don’t think you can manage your anxiety on your own, then don't, because you don’t have to. Even if you decide not to work with Total Healing Counseling and Wellness Center, PLLC there are several other practices, including online, that are waiting to support and work with you.


***Take the anxiety quiz by clicking here. Be sure to let the therapist know what you score and results were. The site you will be directed to is PsychCentral. You do not have to create an account if you do not already have one.