Whether you’re currently married, getting married, or simply dating couples counseling is ideal for those in a relationship and feel as though they need some extra support. The good thing about couples counseling is your therapist doesn’t take sides. Your therapist is someone who is objective and is only there to help you “unlock” and work through the challenges within your relationship. However, there are some instances where the therapist may want to see you individually for one or two sessions or they may refer you both out for individual therapy.

There are different treatment approaches to couples therapy that can and should be discussed upon your first intake session. If you already have an approach in mind, such as Gottman, you may email your desired therapy before you set an appointment to see if they are trained or comfortable with this modality.

It is often said that couples therapy is quite challenging. Relationships are hard work and just know so can the therapeutic relationship. This is said because there’s to clients and one therapist. One of the clients may not agree with the therapist while the other loves him/her. Therapists can give you relationship advice or predict the future of where your relationship will end up. Make sure you are very clear with your mate as far as what you hope to gain from therapy and each other.