Families choose counseling for several different reasons but it’s often times because there is concerned about the direction the family is headed. Some reasons include that there’s been a recent life changing within the family, such as death or divorce. There could be a new addition to the family such as birth or becoming a blended family. There may be a family member who isolates from the rest of the family.

There may be a family member who is toxic and you’re unsure of what to do.Maybe there’s someone recently diagnosed with an illness. For any of the already mentioned reasons and may more families seek counseling. Total Healing Counseling and Wellness Center does have family therapists on staff for these specific reasons so you can rest assure that you will be in good hands of someone who has the training needed.

Family therapy is done in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Your therapist will not respond in a way a family member would nor would your therapist work against the family but with the family. Family therapy is designed to keep families together and create solutions for doing so.