Grief is very tough to work through and something that you should have work through alone. Grief is often times connected to death and while that’s true there’s other grief factors as well. These include:

  • divorce

  • seperation

  • loss of job

  • someone moving away

  • loss of a relationship

  • separating from something or someone important to you suddenly

There are five stages of grief:

  • Denial and Isolation

    • It’s common to be in shock at first or even in disbelief. Keep in mind that our bodies and brains process in a manner of what we can handle at the time. It’s also common to want to be alone to maybe think about or mourn the loss. It’s okay to cry and it means absolutely nothing about you if you choose to do so alone. But make sure you reach out to support when necessary.

  • Anger

    • Anger is a natural human emotions. It’s what we do with out anger that determines whether it’s appropriate or not. Typically when there’s a death people are angry at that person, themselve, or even their higher power (if they have one). Either way, you can work through the anger.

  • Bargaining

    • This means wanting to trade places with the person or even blaming yourself or others. This is where the “what ifs” take control until you are able to come to conclusion that death or loss is something that isn’t always within our control.

  • Depression

    • Sadness and despair are present at this point. It’s okay to grieve in private, however, if you’re not okay let your loved ones know. Mourning your loss is healthy but make sure to check in with yourself and your symptoms.

  • Acceptance

    • While acceptance is the last stage of grief it doesn’t always come as the 5th stage. Acceptance can happen after you have repeated the first four a few times. You will get to the acceptance stage but not necessarily in any particular order. There are some instances acceptance is first then the other stages become present and then the acceptance stage comes around again.This is why it’s important to have a support system and process grief with a professional.