Garland Location

The building is an old bank building. We are also located close to Balfour. Beltline and Brand is where we are. There are two parking lots with two entrances that are easily accessible. There’s an elevator that leads to the second floor as well as a set of steps. We are located in suite 214. Parking is free. The building doors lock at 6 pm CST during the week and on weekends which would mean someone needs to let you into the building during these hours.

Downtown Location

The building is located at the corner of Pacific and Elm. We are next door to the Majestic theater. Typically there are several meters on the front side of the building as well as within walking distance within the area. There are also two parking lots across the street from the building. Parking ranges between $1.35 and $9. We are located on the 8th floor. There is an open waiting area until your therapist comes to get you.