Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is very common when referring to military personnel, however, it relates to non-military as well.

Some symptoms of PTSD are:

  • reliving situations of the past

  • startled reactions or responses

  • avoidance of people or places

  • difficulty showing emotions or feelings

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • moodiness

  • isolations

  • suicidal ideation

  • psychosis

  • relationship challenges

  • identity challenges

  • nightmares

  • feeling as though you are reliving the event

  • disassociation

  • childhood trauma

PTSD can be treated with CBT and EMDR. There are other treatments as well such as exposure therapy and many more. This is something the client and therapist will discuss during treatment to find what will work best for the client to receive relief of their symptoms.

If you think you may have PTSD you may take the quiz here from Mental Health America. There is no affiliation and you do not have to create an account. Make sure you let your therapist know your results and score.